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*Expand Description!* Have a request? Go here: and click Requests Sorry for the speed of the video, I know it can be confusing; just bare with me. I had to speed it up to keep the video around 5 minutes long. Internet troubles.

In this Tutorial, we crack a Face Tracking application called EyeTwig Tracker. We use OllyDbg 2.0 to open the.exe to view its Assembly code, we then search for a string that will let us find the conditional jump that makes the Trial stop working after 7 days. Then with 2 keystrokes (Yes, only change 2 letters) the application is cracked.

It may sound complicated to some, But trust me, it s very simple indeed. Uploaded to by Dark Savant In the next video I will take it to the next level, of using a program to edit the forms of the application and add controls to it (Adding your own text, buttons, images, etc.) - Practically Redesigning the application you cracked ;) This video is purely for educational purposes. ------------------------- Download Links: -EyeTwig Tracker: -OllyDbg 2.0:

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More Видеокурс на dvd отличное дополнение к сайту которое вы сможете держать в руках В новый диск. OllyDbg is a professional 32-bit assembler-level analyzing debugger from Germany, written for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, released and kept as freeware. Head First Java, 2nd Edition is a complete learning guide for object-oriented programming and Java. If you really want to learn Java instead of looking for a.

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More PC game tools & tweaks to assist you completing games, or to increase the gaming experience, also features game trainer making tools. I ve been asked to update some Excel 2003 macros, but the VBA projects are password protected, and it seems there s a lack of documentation. no-one knows the passwords. Some subscriptions are really worth the cost, but others you should cut out of your spending. Here are several popular subscriptions you can replace with free.

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More *Expand Description!* Have a request? Go here: and click Requests Sorry for. Descrição: XenoBot é uma modificação do cliente totalmente sensível e ideal para o Tibia, com um arsenal de ferramentas avançadas. O software, que é fácil de. this is the first of my tutorials in using olly debugger and cracking a program using it. i will be uploading many more tutorials covering varying.