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OK Alternate Ending 2 Till Death Do We Part, a salamaA Salamander A Blimp Suit And Treasure Alternate Ending: Till Death Do We Part The rope slowly squeaked around till it was three quarter unwound. Then it jammed between two of the wheels. The king sighed to himself and he reached up with both hands and pulled it. Just as he freed it Striza s foot slipped, sliding down the pulleys and passed. Leaving the king holding the only thing keeping her grounded. The two met eyes, both freezing not knowing what to do.

The king not wanting to take a life, Striza literally staring the reaper in the face. The king began to speak. “I never wanted it to come to this. There was no need for hate, we could have just got along.

If you just weren t so arrogant, petty, cruel or egotistical.” Hearing someone criticise her sent her into a rage. The viscous eyes and teeth like knives returned. She looked at the king, and then looked away. She trembled slight Alternate Ending 2 Till Death Do We Part, a salama by Sdwaggy Alternate end: Fall From Grace: A Salamander A BliA Salamander A Blimp Suit And Treasure Alternate Ending: Fall From Grace Things finally settled down as she hovered over the mountains, there was a long way to go still.

The internal bleeding had largely died down, she would need some stitches however. Despite her situation she was starting to feel safe. Although she wouldn t die, her life was over. Everyone was going to see this. It was going to end up on TV. Something like was going to be world wide, a viral video to never be forgotten.

Her only thought was to hide, just bury her head in the dirt and pretend to not exist, use a knife to saw off that red blotch on her back, exposed flesh and spine would be less painful than wearing that thing. Still nervous her eyes were glued on the computer. Having decided to use the computer to measure the wind around her. She was able to make herself a slightly longer path, avoiding anything that could have an up draft effect to pus Alternate end: Fall From Grace: A Salamander A Bli by Sdwaggy A Salamander A Blimpuit and Treasure Part 3 But that plan quickly went out the window, the blimp suit disagreed with what was happening and gave a jarring warning beep that snapped Striza out of her daze.

She looked at what the computer was telling her and appeared to be confused. “Why is my pressure showing as high?” She looked over her shoulder and looked horrified at the massive blimp that she found. “Shit! How the hell did this happen?” She hooked her snout around which flipped the stem around her teeth and was about to bite down on it to sever it. “Let me pull it out!” Shouted the king. She looked at him, and thought.

She didn t know it but it was an important decision. If she bit through, the whole plan of the antlings would be gone, glued or not a severed tube in her would create the perfect method of deflation. But if she trusted the king it would probably be the end of her.

She didn t have time to thin A Salamander A Blimpuit and Treasure Part 3 by Sdwaggy A Salamander A Blimpuit and Treasure Part 2 Her next mission was just as easy, if not easier. The only changes was that the gold was already in the antlings hall ready to be picked up and the ropes to hold her down while loading were set up on pulleys. They were terrified of her and it made them work quick. So here she was again, in the hall lying on her huge belly with the gasbag plant stem in her mouth slowly growing while gold was loaded. She kept her eyes fixed on that window, using it as a measuring device since she knew once her eyes were level with it s bottom that she was ready to launch.

She noticed the king pacing back and forth on the window looking down at her, he looked very nervous. She gave a wicked smile at him. “Yes, I am quite amazing, aren t I?” He had no choice but to humour her. “Yes, certainly, you are the most elegant of salamanders.” She actually blushed from that, She should have known he was saying it because he ha A Salamander A Blimpuit and Treasure Part 2 by Sdwaggy MarshmallowShadow AdrianTheWolfaroo dued77 Lambozilla edrick-ravewott ZeoGoseiPrime68 SuperTelephone TheHumanBalloon Theradorn jfmherokiller JHAnimalloverVA9 TehNinja18alt qwww122 Evilluigi9001 megamanfan43 seanboy13 Superleroy1999 SonicandShadowcool marioman760 trainboy101 A Salamander A Blimp Suit And Treasure Alternate Ending: Till Death Do We Part The rope slowly squeaked around till it was three quarter unwound. Then it jammed between two of the wheels.

The king sighed to himself and he reached up with both hands and pulled it. Just as he freed it Striza s foot slipped, sliding down the pulleys and passed. Leaving the king holding the only thing keeping her grounded. The two met eyes, both freezing not knowing what to do. The king not wanting to take a life, Striza literally staring the reaper in the face. The king began to speak.

“I never wanted it to come to this. There was no need for hate, we could have just got along. If you just weren t so arrogant, petty, cruel or egotistical.” Hearing someone criticise her sent her into a rage. The viscous eyes and teeth like knives returned.

She looked at the king, and then looked away. She trembled slightly as if swallowing the monster within before looking back at him, there were tears. Terrified and helpless she tried to find the words to speak, desperation to live had pulled her back form what would have been a fatal outburst. The two locked eyes again as she started to weep. “It was always going to come to this!” She shouted. “Look at me!

I m pathetic, miserable, a joke! This is the story of my life! I screw up everything, I turn everyone against me! I bring gold home and all it does is make them want me to leave faster! Everybody hates me! And you know what?

I deserve it because I m a terrible, selfish person! You re the only person to have shown me any compassion for years, and here you are killing me! Does that not tell you what my life has become? Am I really asking too much for just someone, anyone to love me?

For people to think of me in a positive light? Instead of how much of a wretched creature I ve become?” She looked away from him as she shouted. “What the hell is WRONG with me!? Why can t I do ANYHTING right!? Why does it always keep ending in disaster!?” She then changed to a whisper. “I.

Really do deserve this don t I?” The antling king hitched the rope back onto to the pulley, this was new, he wanted to hear more. She was really letting her emotions and faults out. This was the softer side that only occasionally came out. “Why keep risking yourself for these people if they don t like you?” “I just want to be accepted!” She didn t even notice he wasn t holding the rope any more. “Then they d want me. I should be with my own kind.

But I m so desperate I m even throwing myself at an ant. Why doesn t anyone want me? I. I didn t think I was THAT bad. But I really am, aren t I?

My home city hates me, I m just that terrible, that evil.” “You don t need gold to win people over.” “Of course I do! What am I going to win them over with? My fucking personality!?” The king scratched his head, she had a point there. “There is much hate you in.

But you can change and be a better person. You re not through and through evil. There is good in you. You showed me you can love someone, even if it was out of desperation.” “I don t think I can. But.” She looked him in the eye once more.

“I really am sorry for what I did. For real, it s just. I don t know.” She blinked, noticing the rope wasn t in his hands.

“You. Put the rope back?” “I wanted to talk with you.” “But. Don t you hate me? I mean this all happened because you were trying to kill me.” “I don t want to hate you!” It was possibly the biggest stretch imaginable to be taken as a compliment but it was enough to put a faint smile on her face. “I don t want you too either.” “So what now? I want a way out!” “I don t know.

My fate might not be literally in your hands now. But you re in control. I m sorry for the things I said. If you cut me lose, I wont hold it against you. After all the things I did. It s a fate I deserve.” The king walked around to her face.

“You know the ways of my people. I want to forgive you so badly. But if I did help you. What would you do?” She looked confused. “I.

Don t know.” “I need better than that Striza.” “No I mean. You re. Willing to help me?

But. I tried to kill you after you tried last time. Why would you?” He put a hand on her nose. She gasped and her heart skipped a beat. Did she think he was going to hit her? He spoke again.

“You ve shown me your repressed side, a vulnerable side. You re a person, not a monster. I don t want to hurt you. Will you forgive me for what I did?” “Yes!” She shouted.

“I mean, I don t think you need to be forgiven for nothing, you only did what I forced you too!” For a moment she thought, looking very confused, then opened her mouth, he really wasn t going to free her was he? He looked into the open maw, it looked no less terrifying this time. His people were screaming at the tops of their lungs not too. But he had already decided that he couldn t take her life. Striza was stunned as he crawled into her mouth and used some kind of paste that softened the glue so he could pull it free.

He climbed out and the two just looked at each other. Striza then did a test and sprayed some gas out, it worked as normal. The king was standing in front of her, the worst place he could, she could incinerate him there and then. Instead she started to empty herself. Blew out everything that was inside till she was back to normal size. Instantly curling up into a ball as if being back in the egg, hands over eyes in shame, not wanting to see the looks on the antlings faces, going as far as having her tail in her mouth like some child.

The shame of what just happened causing a slew of emotions. The king cautiously walked toward her. “Striza are you okay?” He moved a little closer. “I can come back later if you want.” Like lightning she reached out and grabbed him around the waist and pulled him in. “Ah!

No wait!” He was pinned against her face as he rubbed her cheek against him. Opening a giant eye just an inch from his face as she gazed at him. “Thank you! Thank you so much king, for saving me!” “Err, you re welcome!” He was struggling to speak, having just nearly been crushed to death. He rubbed the top of her snout, trying to relax her. “When you touched my nose, that was when I knew you wouldn t hurt me.

That we were friends again.” She smiled. “You have no idea how afraid I was. A pit of endless darkness, but you came in and saved me!” She leaned back so she could kiss him on the face, covering him in lizard spit. The king was hoping that it was just over zealous gratitude.

“So, what are you going to do now.” Striza gave a wide smile, showing all those teeth. Pushing the king onto her nose and she stood up, both eyes fixed on him, giving her an adorable cross eyed look. “I think I ve already decided.

The only happy memories I ve had for years are here.” The king had to fight every urge in his body to avoid an eye roll, he suspected he knew what was coming. “I m going to stay here! I ll be the guardian of king.” She didn t even know his name. “Of the tribe of.” Would have thought after coming here for weeks she d know the tribes name.

“Antlings! Nobody will dare attack this place! Your enemies will crumble! Your gold will swell and nobody will ever dare harm a member of your tribe ever again!” She raised her hand into the air. “This I swear!

I will live and die by this tribe!” His heart sunk. “Oh, you re staying. How. Lovely.” “I ll have to leave first though to grab all my things! My computer, my armour and weapons, need them to be a guardian after all! Hehe!

Oh, and I can t forget to grab a dress!” That made him smile, the thought of a salamander wearing a dress seemed amazing. “A dress, why do you need that?” She giggled. “Well I can t exactly wear my armour to our wedding now can I?” The kings face turned to a oh god no!

expression. He was about to speak to try to explain that it wasn t happening but she put both hands on him and put him on the ground, cramming her tongue into his mouth yet again. “I just have to say my king. Thank you for everything. You ve done so much for me. You love me!” That wide vicious smile again.

“Even after everything I did, that makes it the truest kind! You re the only one who understands the darkness that I ve felt, the first man that I ve ever opened up too, the only one to see my weaknesses. You really are an amazing man in every sense of the word.

I d do anything for you, die a thousand times over to protect you.” She gave a nervous smile. “You re my rock now. I need you.

If I ever lost you I really think I d go insane.” She licked his whole body. “I want you so much, and so you ll be mine forever my handsome king.” He knew he was stuck. If he spoke the truth, it would cause a homicidal rage at the expense of the tribe. Was this his fate now? “I can t wait to make it back.

To finally mate with you, to have you IN me.” She licked in between his legs, not that there was anything there on an ant. He rubbed her chin, he really didn t know what else to do at this point. “I ve been in you a couple times today.” She laughed at the humour.

“I mean properly!” “I m pretty sure I m a bit small to do properly.” “Hmm? Nah!” Striza held her index finger and thumb next to him to get a measure of his size. Then turned sideways and measured it up against her ass end. “I say you d be a really good fit!” That got another oh god no!

expression from the king. “Besides!” She lay down get her face in front of him again. “If you can t stimulate me, I m fine with it. Because I KNOW I can stimulate you!” With that she slowly stuck her tongue out as it moved against him as it went around behind him. Wrapping around his abdomen and pulled gently, sliding him backwards towards her mouth, literally bringing his lower half into her mouth. She started to suck, making pleasurable groaning sounds.

The king was so confused. Was this meant to be stimulating? She was literally sucking a bag of internal organs.

It didn t feel nice or bad, it just felt WEIRD, not even taking into account that it was such a strange thing to do to someone. He couldn t understand how this worked with salamanders, did they just suck each others tails or something? How was this sexual? Not that he was complaining since he was apparently being violated less than expected.

Then his abdomen started to tingle,

爆発・火炎・弾痕・スモーク等、500種類のアルファつき動画素材 / Video Copilot Action ...

More META-INF/MANIFEST.MFname/audet/samuel/shorttyping/ShortDictManager$BufferedStream.classname/audet/samuel/shorttyping/ShortDictManager.classname/audet/samuel. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. ----OPEN---- READ ALL / Leer TODO Como descargar y Crackear el Element 3D V2 en su. Serenity script at the Internet Movie Script Database.

Serenity Script at IMSDb.

More 開発元:Video Copilot : 機能:動画素材集: マニュアル:なし: 販売形態:ダウンロード製品のみ (パッケージ版の販売は終了. キャリアやビジネススキルなどに関する情報を集めた「naverまとめ」のビジネス情報チャンネルです。 DeviantArt is the world s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

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More High quality After Effects Video Tutorials for motion graphics and visual effects presented by Andrew Kramer No more missed important software updates! UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. DISCLAIMER: This is an independent, non-profit work of fanfiction. I know there are at least three sets (or more) of copyrights involved, and this story is not a.