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crack - a sudden sharp noise; the crack of a whip ; he heard the cracking of the ice ; he can hear the snap of a twig noise - sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound); he enjoyed the street noises ; they heard indistinct noises of people talking ; during the firework display that ended the gala the noise reached 98 decibels 5. crack - a chance to do something; he wanted a shot at the champion comment, remark, input - a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information; from time to time she contributed a personal comment on his account 7. crack - a blemish resulting from a break without complete separation of the parts; there was a crack in the mirror cocain, cocaine - a narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves; used as a surface anesthetic or taken for pleasure; can become powerfully addictive 9. crack - a usually brief attempt; he took a crack at it ; I gave it a whirl attempt, effort, try, endeavor, endeavour - earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something; made an effort to cover all the reading material ; wished him luck in his endeavor ; she gave it a good try 10.

crack - the act of cracking something sound, go - make a certain noise or sound; She went `Mmmmm ; The gun went `bang 4. crack - hit forcefully; deal a hard blow, making a cracking noise; The teacher cracked him across the face with a ruler go across, pass, go through - go across or through; We passed the point where the police car had parked ; A terrible thought went through his mind 6. crack - break partially but keep its integrity; The glass cracked alligator - crack and acquire the appearance of alligator hide, as from weathering or improper application; of paint and varnishes 7. crack - break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension; The pipe snapped come apart, break, split up, fall apart, separate - become separated into pieces or fragments; The figurine broke ; The freshly baked loaf fell apart 8.

crack - gain unauthorized access computers with malicious intentions; she cracked my password ; crack a safe break in, break - enter someone s (virtual or real) property in an unauthorized manner, usually with the intent to steal or commit a violent act; Someone broke in while I was on vacation ; They broke into my car and stole my radio! ; who broke into my account last night? 9. crack - suffer a nervous breakdown suffer, sustain, have, get - undergo (as of injuries and illnesses); She suffered a fracture in the accident ; He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars ; She got a bruise on her leg ; He got his arm broken in the scuffle 10. crack - tell spontaneously; crack a joke recount, narrate, tell, recite - narrate or give a detailed account of; Tell what happened ; The father told a story to his child 11.

crack - cause to become cracked; heat and light cracked the back of the leather chair alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city ; The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one s or its original nature; She changed completely as she grew older ; The weather changed last night Adj. 1. crack - of the highest quality; an ace reporter ; a crack shot ; a first-rate golfer ; a super party ; played top-notch tennis ; an athlete in tiptop condition ; she is absolutely tops 3.

(Informal) hit, clip (informal), slap, smack, thump, buffet, clout (informal), cuff, whack, wallop (informal), chop She drew back her fist and cracked him on the jaw. He cracked his head on the pavement and was knocked out. 5. solve, work out, resolve, interpret, clarify, clear up, fathom, decipher, suss (out) (slang), get to the bottom of, disentangle, elucidate, get the answer to He has finally cracked the code after years of painstaking research. 1.

have a breakdown, collapse, break down, go crazy (informal), go berserk, freak out (informal), go to pieces, go ape (slang), fly off the handle (informal), come apart at the seams (informal), throw a wobbly (slang), go off the deep end (informal), go apeshit (slang), go out of your mind, flip your lid (slang), go off your rocker (slang), go off your head (slang) He s going to crack up if he doesn t take a break soon. 1. (= fracture) ( in plate, glass) → raja f; ( in wall, ceiling, ice) → grieta f; ( in skin) → grieta f ( fig) ( in system, relationship) → grieta f to paper over the cracks ( fig) → disimular las grietas 3. (= noise) [ of twigs] → crujido m; [ of whip] → chasquido m; [ of rifle] → estampido m, estallido m; [ of thunder] → estampido m, estruendo m to get a fair crack of the whip → tener la oportunidad de demostrar lo que vale to give sb a fair crack of the whip → dar la oportunidad a algn de demostrar lo que vale 1. (= break) [+ glass, pottery] → rajar; [+ wood, ground, wall] → agrietar, resquebrajar; [+ ice] → resquebrajar; [+ skin] → agrietar ( fig) [+ person] → derrotar to crack sb s resolve → hacerle perder la determinación a algn 2. (= break open) [+ nut] → cascar; [+ egg] → cascar, romper; [+ safe] → forzar ( fig) [+ market] → entrar en, introducirse en; [+ drugs/spy ring] → desarticular to crack (open) a bottle > → abrir una botella see also nut A2 3.

(= yield, break down) [ person] → desmoronarse I thought his nerve would crack → creía que iba a perder el valor to crack under the strain [ person] → desmoronarse bajo la presión, sufrir una crisis nerviosa a cause de la presión; [ relationship] → desmoronarse; [ alliance] → desmoronarse or quebrantarse bajo la presión 5. to get cracking → poner manos a la obra you d better get cracking → más te vale poner manos a la obra I promised to get cracking on or with the decorating → le prometí que empezaría a pintar inmediatamente (= damage) (in wooden furniture, woodwork) → fente f, fissure f; (in bone, dish, glass) → fêlure f; (in wall) → lézarde f to paper over the cracks (mainly British) (= hide problems) → masquer les problèmes (= noise) (of branches, wood, glass) → craquement m; (of thunder) → coup m; (of gun) → coup m, coup m sec the crack of a whip → le claquement d un fouet to give sb a fair crack of the whip (British) → donner sa chance à qn They complained they did not get a fair crack of the whip → Ils se sont plaints parce qu on ne leur a pas donné leur chance. → Riss m; (between floorboards etc) → Ritze f; (= wider hole etc) → Spalte f; ( = fine line: in pottery, glass etc) → Sprung m; leave the window open a crack → lass das Fenster einen Spalt offen; at the crack of dawn → in aller Frühe; to fall or slip through the cracks (US fig) → durch die Maschen schlüpfen (= make a crack in) glass, china, pottery → einen Sprung machen in (+acc); bone → anbrechen, anknacksen (inf); skin, ground → rissig machen; ground, ice → einen Riss/ Risse machen in (+acc); to crack a rib → sich (dat) → eine Rippe anbrechen ( = get a crack, pottery, glass) → einen Sprung/ Sprünge bekommen, springen; (ice, road) → einen Riss/ Risse bekommen; (lips, skin) → spröde or rissig werden; (bones) → einen Knacks bekommen (inf); (= break) → brechen; at last his stern face cracked and he laughed → schließlich verzog sich seine ernste Miene zu einem Lachen (inf) to get cracking → loslegen (inf), → sich daranmachen; to get cracking with or on something → mit etw loslegen (inf), → sich an etw (acc) → machen; get cracking! → los jetzt!; (= speed up) → mach(t) mal ein bisschen Dampf! (inf) a.

( split, slit, in glass, pottery) → incrinatura, scheggiatura; ( in wall, plaster, ground, paint) → crepa, spaccatura; ( in skin) → screpolatura through the crack in the door ( slight opening) → dalla fessura della porta at the crack of dawn → alle prime luci dell alba a. ( break, glass, pottery) → incrinare; ( wood) → schiantare; ( nut) → schiacciare; ( egg) → rompere ( fig) ( fam) ( safe) → scassinare; ( bottle) → stappare, aprire to crack one s skull → spaccarsi la testa to crack sb over the head → dare un colpo in testa a qn 1. to (cause to) break partly without falling to pieces. The window cracked down the middle. kraak ينْشَق، يَتَصَدَّع пуквам (се) rachar prasknout krachen revne ραγίζω rajarse, resquebrajarse mõranema, mõrastama ترک خوردن haljeta fêler לִסדוֹק चिटकना napuknuti (szét)reped retak brotna rompersi, incrinarsi 裂ける 깨지다 (į)skilti, įdaužti, įskelti ieplaisāt; ieplīst; iesprāgt retak barsten slå sprekker, revne, knake pękać, powodować pęknięcie چاودیدل rachar a (se) crăpa трескаться prasknúť počiti naprsnuti spricka แตกร้าว çatlamak (使)龜裂 тріскатися درز پ‍ڑنا، دراڑ پ‍ڑنا یا ڈالنا làm rạn 使断裂 2. to break (open).

He cracked the peanuts between his finger and thumb. kraak يَشُق، يَكسِر троша quebrar rozlousknout zerbrechen knække σπάω abrir, romper, cascar purustama شکستن rikkoa casser לִשְבּוֹר फटना, दबा कर खोलना otvoriti (orah) feltör membuka brjóta schiacciare, spaccare 砕く 깨다 aižyti, traiškyti pāršķelt; pārsist pecahkan kraken knekke rozłupywać ماتول quebrar a sparge раскалывать rozlúsknuť treti smrskati knäcka กะเทาะออก kırmak 使裂開 розколювати(ся) توڑنا làm vỡ toá 使裂开 3. to make a sudden sharp sound of breaking. The twig cracked as I stepped on it.

klap يُطَقْطِق изпуквам estalar zapraskat knacken smælde; knalde; knække κάνω «κρακ» crujir, chasquear praksatama صدای تیز شکستگی ایجاد کردن paukahtaa craquer לְהַשמִיע קוֹל פִּיצוּח जोर की आवाज करना krcnuti reccsen berderak brotna; smella rompersi ぱちっと鳴らす 날카로운 소리를 내며 깨어지다 trakštelėti, pokštelėti, pliaukštelėti krakšķēt; brīkšķēt patah knappen knalle, smelle trzaskać تیز غږ، ماتوالی estalar a pocni хрустнуть zapraskať počiti kvrcnuti knaka till ทำให้เกิดเสียงแตก çatırdamak, şaklamak 發出爆裂聲 тріщати چ‍ٹ‍اخ کی آواز نكلنا làm kêu tanh tách 发出爆裂声 4. to make (a joke). He s always cracking jokes.

n grap maak يُطلِقُ نُكتَـة، يروي نُكته пускам шега dizer dělat, vykládat reißen fortælle vittigheder λέω αστείο contar chistes (nalja) tegema لطیفه گفتن vitsailla sortir לְסַפֵּר गले की भर्राहट šaliti se elsüt (viccet) membuat segja brandara raccontare 冗談を言う (농담을) 내뱉다 (iš)krėsti jokot berjenaka maken slå vitser opowiadać کیسی ویل، ټوکی ویل dizer a spune (glume) отколоть robiť žarty zbijati (šale) šaliti se vitsa พูดติดตลก yapmak, anlatmak 說笑話 жартувати هنسى اڑانا، لطيف‍ہ سنانا chuyện phiếm 说笑话 5. to open (a safe) by illegal means. oopbreek يَسْطو على، يَقتَحـِم разбивам arrombar vyloupit knacken bryde op ανοίγω (χρηματοκιβώτιο) με διάρρηξη forzar sisse murdma شکستن؛ باز کردن غیر قانونی tunkeutua percer לִפרוֹץ अवैध रूप से खोलना provaliti feltör mendobrak brjóta upp scassinare こじあける (금고 등을) 털다 įsilaužti į ielauzties; uzlauzt memecahkan openbreken sprenge, bryte opp pruć ماتول ، غیر قانونی خلاصول arrombar a sparge взломать vylúpiť vlomiti obiti spränga, bryta upp ถอดรหัส (ตู้เซฟ) zorla açmak 以非法手段敲開(保險箱) вламуватися زبردستى كهولنا phá két 以非法手段砸开 6. to solve (a code). ontsyfer يَفِك (رقما سريّا)، يُفكِّك، يَحـُلُّ дешифрирам decifrar rozluštit knacken bryde; løse; tyde σπάω resolver, descifrar ära lahendama شکستن ratkaista déchiffrer לְפָצֵח समाधान निकालना otkriti, riješiti megold memecahkan ráða, lesa úr decifrare 解く (암호 등을) 해독하다 įminti, išspręsti, iššifruoti atšifrēt menyelesaikan ontcijferen løse łamać ماتیدل resolver a descifra расшифровать rozlúštiť razvozlati provaliti knäcka, forcera ถอดรหัส çözmek 解開(密碼) зламати програму معم‍ہ حل كرنا، كوڈ حل كرنا giải mật mã 辨认(暗码) 7.

to give in to torture or similar pressures. The spy finally cracked under their questioning and told them everything he knew. ineenstort يَنْهـار пропуквам (се) quebrar zlomit se zusammenbrechen bryde sammen; bukke under υποχωρώ μετά από πίεση rendirse, rajarse, sucumbir, caer murduma کم آوردن؛ در هم شکسته شدن antaa periksi craquer לְהִישָׁבֵר मनोवैज्ञानिक दवाब में आ जाना popustiti betörik menyerah brotna niður cedere くじける 굴복하다 palūžti, palaužti salūzt tewas bezwijken bryte sammen, bli brutt ned łamać się راوړل، لږڅه ماتیدل quebrar a ceda расколоться zlomiť sa popustiti popustiti bryta samman, knäckas ถูกทรมาน çökmek, yılmak 因刑求等而屈服 розколотися ضعيف پ‍ڑ جانا، همت جواب دے جانا đàn áp (因压力而)垮掉,瓦解 noun 1. a split or break. There s a crack in this cup.

kraak صَدْع، شِق،

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